The Story So Far

Knott Kinetics History


A new era of healthcare is dawning and here at Knott Kinetics we are gearing up to provide a 5 star service to local and not so local people of all ages. My name is Lawrence Knott, and I am the managing director and owner of Knott Kinetics. I would like to share with you the story so far and what we hope to achieve in the future.

The business was first set up in January, 2015 following two and a half years working in another private physiotherapy practice in Gosport. Starting with just a portable couch and my car, I would travel to patients home addresses to provide a mobile service. From April, 2015 I started renting a small room at the back of a running specialist store on Stoke Road, Absolute Running. This is where Knott Kinetics really flourished, and over the next two years the business grew, and grew. 

In the January of 2016 I felt that it was time to start looking for new premises to allow for the growth to continue. After a long clinical day I left work and walked past the unit on Stoke Road, which had recently been vacated by its previous occupiers. I made some enquiries, and after some negotiation the planning of the refit of 49 Stoke Road began. After 3 long months we opened the doors for the first time of our industry leading, clinical centre. I really could not be happier with how everything has gone. The unit is a true reflection of what Knott Kinetics represents not only as a business, but also where we intend to go in the future with the provision of primary healthcare for people of all ages and abilities. On site we have two consultation rooms, three clinical rooms, a rehabilitation suite (Gym), and Studio for floor exercise/ group work, and air conditioned rooms for perfect working conditions. There is also plenty of free parking just next to the clinic, therefore making attendance hassle free!

Our philosophy is simple, prevention is better than cure. We have to take ownership of OUR OWN healthcare, and in the light of recent delays of NHS and other healthcare provision struggling I feel that we are perfectly placed to help you on YOUR journey to the better you. 

So all that remains to be said is come on down and see for yourself how we can help YOU find the better you. 

We provide Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Exercise Rehabilitation, Fully Customised Orthotics (Insoles), Strength and Conditioning Training, Pilates and much more. 

From all of us at Knott Kinetics, thank you for reading and hearing about the story so far. Lets hope you can part of our future.