Fully Customised Orthotics

Orthotics (Insoles) are used to correct alignment and postural deformities and problems which may be impairing or limiting normal/optimal function. In the past orthotics were very aggressive in their prescription, as to totally limit over pronation/excessive supination in the foot.

Nowadays, we are able to use much more sophisticated materials to allow the speed from supination to pronation to be controlled in such a way as to restore the optimal function and speed of transition, thus meaning we get much closer to normal gait than before.

Here at Knott Kinetics, we are able to prescribe and fabricate a fully customised orthotic, which will meet all of the needs you may have to restore you back to optimal function or return to performing in your chosen sport.

We use a Sidas system, which is industry leading and allows us to control practically every element that we need to in order to produce an elite standard product every time, fully customised to you and your needs. When we come to the decision that we need to create the orthotics for you, we will be going on a journey, because the beauty of the Sidas product is that we can fully customise everything about them. Any alterations can be made within the price that you pay on day one, so no hidden charges!